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Transferring your domain name to Webpage Me is a simply process that can take only a few minutes to complete.

Simply click on the link below and you can start transferring your domain to us today.

To transfer your domain name, you will need an EPP code (Also known as a domain password) to initiate the domain name transfer between domain name registrars.

For a .au domain name address, you can retrieve your EPP code (also known as your domain password) by clicking on the following link below.
The password for your .au domain name will be e-mailed to the registered email address for your domain name.

If you are transferring a .com/.net/.org/.biz/.info domain name, you can simply log into your current domain name registrars control panel and retrieve your EPP code (domain password) from here.  If your domain name registrar does not show you your EPP code, you will need to contact their support team to retrieve your code.

Transferring a domain name address can take between 1 to 7 days to complete.

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